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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the officer is expected to be okay and is being praised for his courage. we've got live team coverage for you tonight. jennifer joyce is at penn presbyterian where that officer was treated but let's begin tonight with dave schratwieser at philadelphia police headquarters where police announced the arrest. dave? >> reporter: iain, it now appears according to court records that the alleged shooter in this case, 23-year-old scott griffin, was out on the street because of gun case against him had been tossed out of court just last week when a witness failed to appear. now, those charges were refiled but by the time that happened, griffin was a free man and now he's under arrest for attempted murder charges. >> he is a dangerous individual. obviously. >> reporter: just 16 hours after officer james mccullough was shot police swooped down on the 1200 block of north alden street and arrested 23-year-old scott griffin for the shooting sunday at 59 many and market. >> this is a amazing again much
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like officer hartnett he didn't succumb to more significant injuries and so we're so thankful for that. >> reporter: griffin was taken into custody after homicide and narcotics detectives developed information on his whereabouts. he was arrested as he got out of a car without incident. police also recovered a gun that may have been used in the shooting of the officer during a mini violent crime spree in west philadelphia. >> the shooter has a lengthy record he's been arrested 14 times. the non-shooter has been arrested three times. >> reporter: shooting of officer mccullough comes a few months after officer jesse hartnett was shot at point blank range a short distance away both officers worked in the 18th district. >> police officers never know from one encounter to the next what will be in front of them. i mean, it can be a very dangerous job. report roar police say mccullough and his partner came upon a carjacking after an earlier robbery by griffin and another man. the officers were chasing griffin when gunfire erupted. >> while the officers pursued the suspect, who had the gun,
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the suspect turned and shot the officer. >> reporter: mccullough fired three shots after being wounded. he was hospitalized in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his leg. police also arrested 20-year-old zamir koy eete has griffin' as accomplice. >> acts like last night like the one that officer hartnett was involved in speak volumes of what the men and women not only in this department but across the country do each and every day. >> reporter: now, both suspects have been charged with itemed murder. conspiracy, robbery and weapons offenses. they are being held tonight pending the arraignment in court sometime tonight. the bail probably will be zeta very high figure. we will have much more on the investigation coming up tonight at 10:00. iain. >> dave, thank you. right now officer james mccullough is recovering from his injuries at penn presbyterian medical center in west philadelphia. that's where we find our jennifer joyce tonight. jennifer, we're hearing he shouldn't be there much longer. >> reporter: yeah, we're hearing within the hour so o*fl
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officer mccullough may be released much he is going to be okay. all day long we've been watching his fellow police officers stop by and pay him a visit and i'm sure he's feeling even better now knowing a second arrest has been made. 24-year-old police officer james mccullough recovers in a hospital bed, his fellow philadelphia police officers took to the streets. by 1:00 p.m. this afternoon an arrest. police say 23-year-old scott griffin was walking along the 1200 block of alden street when he was taken into custody by members of the city's homicide unit. fox 29 cameras were rolling as griffin was taken away in a police cruiser. neighbors on the block say they had no idea what was going on. >> we just came from wawa. we took the stuff out. and it was a bunch of cops here. i'm trying to find out what happened myself. >> reporter: prior to the arrest mayor kenney spoke with fox 29 saying he's only been in office four months and already two city police officers have been shot in the line of duty. officer jesse hartnett in
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january and now officer mccullough both with the 18th district. >> thankfully they both surviv survived. but it's tough. it's a tough job they have. >> reporter: throughout the day police officers stopped by penn to visit mccullough a2-year veteran of the force. a brave, sharp man who police say used his training and knowledge to take care of himself after he was shot in the thigh yet still attempted to catch the shooter. >> i want to commend the officer for his remarkable training, um, and courage in doing what he did to apply a tourniquet to his own leg while still pursuing. >> reporter: and certainly quick thinking on the part of officer mccullough, again, we are hearing that he's expected to to be released from. released from penn wynne the hour. >> that is good news. thank you. investigators in trenton trying to figure out what happened before a pick up hit and killed a crossing guard. skyfox over the scene near rou route 29 and laylor street this
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afternoon. police say the truck hit the man about 3:15. he died on the scene. the driver did stop and stay with the victim. police have not released any names. we of course will keep you u updated. back hole operator had a right to the to be on the tracks according to federal investigators tonight. here's a new picture of the amtrak passenger train. the crash happened in chester on april 3rd. new ntsb report says the track where the backhoe was operating was shut down at times during a 55 hour maintenance window. there's no word on whether the track was closed test the crash. the train hit the backhoe at a 106 miles an hour. the backhoe operator and supervisor died. more than 40 people were hurt. amtrak has since ordered rail workers to be retrained on basic safety rules. developing to night, police have now revealed what they say really happened in the moments before philadelphia father shot and killed his four-year-old daughter. police call him careless and wreck less and say he even framed his five-year-old daughter for the killing.
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our joyce evans has been following this even more tragic turn of events. joyce? >> reporter: well, lucy, the police say that there were seven children inside that house. the kensington home on saturday morning when this happen. they were all watching tv and that's where police say maurice phillips here walked into the room, took a gun out of the holster began waving it around. the gun went off. a bullet hit philip's four-year-old daughter in the back of the head. police say she died instantly. now, a mid all the chaos, police say philip tried to opinion the accident on his other daughter her five-year-old sister. detectives say he hit the five-year-old to punish her for doing it. and then he wiped blood from his hand on to her shirt trying to make it appear that she had fired the gun. but police say phillips turned himself in and confessed after he left the house and changed his clothes. they say he could give no good reason for his behavior.
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>> it's a stupid idiotic act. i mean he was complet completelk less in doing this, and unfortunately a four-year-old has lost her life behind this. he came here. he was still sticking to his story but very quickly the veteran detectives upstairs broke that story down and he told us the truth. >> phillips is facing several charges including third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. police say phillips does not have license to carry a gun so investigators are now tracking that gun to figure out where it came from and who it really belongs to. lucy. >> thank you, joyce. new hope for some pennsylvanians after governor tom wolf signed into law a bill legalizing medical marijuana yesterday afternoon. advocates say the drug will mean a better quality of live for certain people. >> officially takes effect next month. our bill anderson is in the newsroom tonight after speaking with one supporter of how the drug could help improve her life. bill? >> reporter: iain she's been
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dealing with 20 years of nearly constant seizures. allison dilizio hopes pa's new medical marijuana law may help her. she's tried numerous medications and has had several brain surgeries with minimal relief one of the many supporters of the law who are grateful that they now have another option. >> it's been awhile. it's been a wait but i've been staying positive and strong that i know it's going to pass. >> for many the legalization of medical marijuana in pennsylvania represented a political victory. but for allison and her family it represents much more. she deals with serious seizures every day. so this law represents hope. >> when something like this comes along, that brings i was little bit of hope, you know, that you can, n you can take advantage of that. that's what we hope for torque try to lead a more normal life. >> on sunday governor wolf pogs signature made pennsylvania the 24th state to adopt a medical marijuana program. and immediately provide familiars searching for answers
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another option. >> she's been through i i think almost every anti seizure medicine on the market. she has tried them all. they have been some of them are just devastating to, you know torque your person. >> pennsylvania's medical marijuana program will be one of the most restrictive in the country. and the family know there are no guarantees. but they are hopeful that this bill will allow them another option to fight their daughter's 20-year battle with seizures. >> i don't think it's a pansy ya. we know we've been there before. things haven't worked. so we're not looking at it as the end all be all but we sure hope it it could be. >> the bill passed but it's months if not years away from full implementation. even still, the family recognizes the political risks of this type of legislation and appreciate those who are willing to take them on. >> we're very grateful to the house and the senate and governor wolf because i think it's pretty forward thinking for them. >> reporter: now, getting it's bill passed was the first
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hurdle. getting it implemented, that's the next. some say it could take 18 months or two years before medical marijuana is actually available to adults in pennsylvania. but to allison and others at least they know that another option exists at some point in the future. lucy, so there's hope. >> thank you very much, bill. feels like spring is finally arrived in your fox 29 weather authority. take a live look at trenton. we've been chillier than normal this april but this week we're finally getting back to where we're supposed to be. all right. chief meteorologist scott williams, it is so nice outside. >> it really has been a perfect 10 today. i mean lucy temperatures well above average for this time of year. forget about the 60s. forget the about the 70s. highs made night the low 80s in philadelphia. look at this. still 81 degrees you still have time to get outdoors and catch some of that sunshine the sun will set this evening about 8:43. take look at the high temperatures today. 83 in allentown. 82 wilmington. philadelphia 81 in reading.
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dry and quite most of the rain well to our west. even flood concerns throughout the lone star state. look at the temperature break down right now. we have 78 trenton. 79 wilmington. but it is cooler down the shore. water temperature still in the low 50s. beach haven 63 degrees. we have 64 in avalon. along with wildwood but once you move inland temperatures still in the low 80s. cinnaminson, voorhees checking in at 81 degrees. so coming up we'll talk much more about a cooler breeze in the seven day forecast. some shower chances and, yes, the updated pollen forecast. back to you. oh, joy. all right, thank you scott. a woman dropped a hat at a zoo and was apparently so determined to get it back she hopped the fence into a tiger enclosure. what happened next and what investigators are trying to figure out. and play time is about to come serious business for local kids with autism. how this new equipment could help open the world to themly. howard. >> the flyers players talk about
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what they need to do to score some goals which would give them a chance to win tonight at home against the caps. >> the eagles head coach and the gm talk bout possibilities of drafting a quarterback much that's all coming up in sports. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman
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the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. this is something you may have trouble believing if you weren't seeing it with your own eyes. this is video appears to show a woman hopping the first of two fences at a tiger enclosure at the toronto zoo. there's still a wednesday between the woman and the tiger. the tiger is very interested. >> oh yeah. >> in this intruder. the woman she was apparently grabbing a hat that had fallen over the first fence. she did make it back out in one piece. she's lucky but authorities are now investigating. >> that tiger would have been all over her. new castle county police have nabbed a man behind a string of thefts from stores. 36-year-old michael keenan is in jail tonight unable to post bail. investigators say tips from the public led them to his house. they found evidence linking him to three crimes all robberies at
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stores in new castle county in january and february. you know most little ones look very much forward to recess, right? but for some children play time can be an overwhelming experience. that's why school administrators in upper darby unveiled a unique space just for kids with special needs. this playground at primus elementary school especially designed for students who have autism. officials say the playground will give these students a chance to develop their sensory and social skills. >> being a parent of a child with a dissable can be a very lonely experience. it is something that impacts every minute of your day. you do not live that experience it's impossible to trial understand. while this project was a challenge i can say i've been blessed by this journey in so many ways and one of the most meaningful to me knowing i was wrong, extraordinary acts of kindness, dedication of time and generosity of resources has shown to me that we are clearly not alone. >> the playground was funded by
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private contributions. >> so incredibly important. that is just great. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and you know iain what am i supposed to say about this. >> let's keep it right here for the next, i don't know, four, five months. (laughter). >> i think everybody will be happy. >> i don't think we can make that happen. >> but we can keep temperatures slightly above average it look like dry for several more days before really our next chance of rain. beautiful conditions though as we take a live look outside of our studios. here in old city. a lot of sunshine. it will be a nice sunset by the way as well. and look at the temperatures. still in the low 80s right now. winds are calm. it is comfortable stepping outdoors. we have 79 degrees in wilmingt wilmington. 78 right now in trenton. still 80 degrees in the lehigh valley look at the pocono mountains checking in the low 70s. it's cooler temperatures only in the 60s down the shore. water temperatures are still pretty chilly in the low 50s. but take a look at ultimate doppler with the satellite on top of it. we are still looking at dry,
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quiet conditions because high pressure it is really in control of the atmosphere overhead but take look off to the west. most of the showers thunderstorms well to our west with that high pressure that blocking pattern numerous high water rescues flood concerns taking place today and parts of south texas around the houston area. some reports about a foot or more of rainfall thankfully that system is weakening and pulling away. for us though over the neck sever days you can see we stay pretty dry and quiet and then we're still looking at an additional one to 3-inches of rain parts of louisiana, texas moving into arkansas but that high pressure it is keeping us dry and also quiet. now, the heat peaked today with high temperatures in the low 8 80s. tomorrow a little bit of a back door front will be moving through. then especially by the middle of the week those temperatures will be dropping. but we're still going to stay above the average for this time of year which is in the mid 60s. so for tomorrow, still above
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average. 70s. then as we move toward wednesday more typical for this time year. look what happens for the latter part of the week. those temperatures go right back up. the pollen, it is certainly high. take look at the forecast for tomorrow. 11.6. wednesday 11.5. the scale only goes to 12. so that tells you we are really dealing with with high pollen across the area. could tonight clear skies, tempers up 40s in the burbs. 50's in the city. tomorrow a little cooler than today but look at that. 75 degrees. that is 10 degrees above average. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you a little cooler by wednesday. only in the 60s. 70s back for thursday and frid friday. and also friday that's our best chance for a couple of showers maybe a thunderstorm. parly sunny on saturday. a beautiful weekend ahead. temperatures mid to upper 60s so we need that rain especially oh and friday to knock down some of those pollen levels but otherwise, it's a fantastic
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forecast. >> um-hmm. >> love that. super sunday. >> absolutely. >> all right. i got my orange and black on howard. >> they need to score some goa goals. >> i'm hoping it will help. >> flyers players are talking about really what they need to do to score. that will give them obviously a better chance to win tonight against the washington caps. they're down two games to 91 eagles head coach doug pederson and the gm howie roseman talk about the possibilities of drafting a quarterback much that's all coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ >> the flyers if you want to be honest they are desperate situation. some emotion will be in the building before the game with the tribute to ed snider but they are down two games to none in the best of seven series. they've only scored one goal combined in both games. now, stating obvious you have to score to win. the washington goaltender has played terrific but has done so all season. brayden, had the post wins of any goalie in the nhl this season. now in this series, he stopped 60 of 61 shots the flyers are zero for eight on the power pl play. flyers still say they will not do much to change what they are doing. >> it's little things, um, maybe i would say the biggest thing for us is to not deviate too much from what we've been doing. we're playing pretty well. it's been a tight series.
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so, you know, there's no major changes we want to make. it's the little things. it's the little thing. the nfl not is not a little thing just a week away. april 28th. so many things can happen for the eagles. eagles have the eighth pick in the first round. but so many teams will be trying to make trades ahead of them in that first round. so many scenarios for the eagl eagles. now la rams have traded for the first pick obviously take a quarterback eagles now have a tougher challenge in they hope to move up if they hope to get that quarterback they will like vol to trade up to the number two spot in the first round. that's not that easy. the quarters that will go one one-two in special order carson lynch and jared goss. >> you have to look at your entire roster and you have to as a staff you got to feel comfortable that if you're going to give up draft picks or future draft picks you feel comfortable where you are where you sit today with your roster. >> i think you got to way the
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reverse, too. you know, about being conservative and that's in life that's in everything do you. there's risks walking down the stairs, howard. >> you almost fell down that ramp as we walked n there's risks. if your risk adverse which jeffrey never wanted us to be a risk adverse you have to be eel willing to take chances in order to be great. >> i never almost fell down and there is no reward without ris risks. however, quarterbacks in the top 10 fail most of the time so it's really a difficult thing they're going to have to think about if they make trade. >> all right. thank you very much, howard. that will do it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ fight back and rebuild
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only at pizza hut. swim for your life! >> swim! swim! >> the reporter's live tv rescue. >> swim, swim! then, what a catch. saved by her coach. she could have broken her neck. >> i'm so thankful he was there. and rosie versus trump. >> he's not even qualified to run a game show. >> and the big snl seinfeld reunion. >> big bank breakup? >> yeah, big bank breakup. >> yada yada yada, they'll be broken up. you won't believe which presidential candidate once owned this 30-year-old jalopy. the battery's dead! then, trouble going to sleep? what you're doing all


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